Hearing Assessment

Your hearing assessment will include a visual inspection of your ears, an assessment of your middle ear function, together with a detailed look at how your hear, using single tone testing alongside speech testing. If we find that you may benefit from hearing devices, we will source the most suitable style and technology that best suits your requirements. Hearing devices come in many different styles, are technologically advanced, and as well as being small and discreet, many enable you to stream TV, music, and mobile phone audio through them. We will take the necessary time to ensure we recommend only the most suitable devices for your unique needs.

Children’s Hearing Assessment

Over 80% of children will have at least one episode of ‘glue ear’ (fluid behind the eardrum) before they are 10 years of age, with younger children more susceptible to this condition. Typically a child may appear inattentive and may say ‘what’, or ‘pardon’ a lot. Often a child may appear confused, unsettled, lost in their own world and often their speech may regress or become less clear. These behaviours are noticed more when there is a lot of background noise present. We can assess your child’s hearing and monitor it over time or advise you on the most appropriate ways to manage your child’s hearing. ​We have experience of assessing children with complex needs and if you have particular requirements for home assessments, nursery assessments or school assessments, these can be discussed when you contact us.​


Tinnitus can be problematic for many people. Often, if hearing loss is present, hearing devices can help. For those without hearing loss, the fitting of tinnitus devices, alongside counselling and appropriate advice can often provide help. We will assess the impact of tinnitus on your lifestyle and develop an individualised treatment plan for you. Research is adding new information and treatments for tinnitus all the time and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

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Hearing Protection, Swim Moulds and Ear Plugs

Whether it is work or leisure noise you wish to gain protection from, we can determine the most suitable hearing protection for your needs. If you are a musician we can identify the most suitable ear monitors to use. We can also provide bespoke swimming and sleeping ear plugs.

Assessment of Hearing at Home

Sometimes adults and children may not be able to attend our centre for assessment. This could be due to a number of reasons such as problems with mobility and physical health conditions but also due to mental health conditions which prevent travel. Our Consultant Audiologist has extensive experience of health, and of the barriers in accessing hearing healthcare and will work with you to provide solutions to your needs, wherever is most appropriate.

Ear Wax Removal

Earwax can cause significant problems including discomfort and temporary hearing loss. Using the latest microsuction techniques, we can carefully remove wax in a safe and effective way. Water irrigation can also be used when required.