Hearing Protection and Swim Moulds

Hearing protection and swim moulds from your Leeds audiology practice

Why do we need hearing protection?

How we hear

Hearing protection and why we might need it, relates to how we hear. Our hearing mechanism can detect the faintest whisper right up to the roar of a jet engine.

The fine, delicate, hair-like structures of the inner ear are a little like underwater grasses constantly in motion with the waves of the water. The bigger the sound (the bigger the movement of the water), the more the tiny structures (like the grasses) move.

Now imagine a huge underwater current violently shaking the underwater grasses. This is similar to what happens when we hear very loud sounds.


The risk of excessive sound

The fluid in our inner ears moves with enormous force, damaging the delicate, fine structures within our ears.

If this happens repeatedly over time or if the sound is of an extremely high level, this can result in permanent damage to our hearing, often with tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

The damage done to the delicate, fine hair-like structures, often occurs before any noticeable hearing loss. This is why hearing protection is essential if you are at risk of noise damage. Read more in our blog How we hear


Who is at risk for noise-induced hearing loss?

Musicians are at a high risk of noise-induced hearing loss, partly due to the level of sound they experience but also due to repeated exposure to their art form. Read more in our blog: How loud is too loud?

Several high-profile musicians and DJs have spoken openly about their experience of hearing loss and tinnitus due to their careers and recommed some sort of hearing protection when working.

Firearms, whether for leisure or while serving in the armed forces, are another noise-induced hearing loss risk.

Working with heavy machinery and equipment, for example, power tools, has also been linked to hearing loss.

Motorsports and riding a motorbike also expose the riders to high sound levels, often for extended periods.

Any situation where the noise level appears high enough to prevent you from hearing conversational speech can be potentially harmful.

music gig

Types of hearing protection

Hearing protection in the form of noise-attenutating ear plugs come in a variety of styles. The most basic reduce sound by blocking the ear.

The most advanced are custom, bespoke earplugs, which can be made with a specific level of attenuation (noise-reducing properties).

These are designed to reduce all frequencies of sound by the same amount, thus allowing for a natural sound albeit at a quieter level. Perfect for listening to music for example.

Here in Leeds, our audiologist can discuss your requirements and can offer custom, bespoke hearing protection. These require the unique shape of your ear being taken which allows for a custom fit.

Swim moulds

A condition called ‘swimmers’ or surfers’ ear occurs, due to repeated exposure to cold water. Essentially, small bony growths occur in the external ear canal. These can become problematic. Custom swim moulds are one way to minimise this risk.

Sometimes children, or adults with ear perforations (holes in the eardrum) can benefit from custom swim moulds. These often allow individuals to continue with their swimming whilst reducing the risk of ear infections.

 Sleep earplugs

We all know how important sleep is to our general health and well-being. Whether you have noisy neighbours or work shifts, you may benefit from sleep earplugs to help you sleep. Again, our audiology clinic in Leeds will be able to provide you with the best advice for your needs.

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David Shinn
I attended The Hearing Space after suffering for a month with a blocked ear. The treatment I received was highly professional and caring. My case was a challenge due to me having narrow ear canals but Paul was very patient and gentle and he removed all the wax and gave thorough and appropriate after care advice. I can thoroughly recommend this practitioner to anyone requiring audiology services. Thank you. David Shinn. (One additional point - I had no problem finding an on-street parking spot close to the clinic)
Marius Atkinson
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Brandon Jones
We had a great experience having our 4 year old’s ears checked. Honestly, one of the top medical experiences we’ve had anywhere. Paul Shaw was very knowledgable and worked to evaluate and investigate multiple symptoms that seemed to be connected. He worked well with our child and was a very involved listener when it came to the symptoms she was experiencing.
Deborah Vickerman
Excellent service. Paul is an experienced professional with a friendly and warm manner. I would happily recommended him for anyone looking to have their hearing tested or wax removed.
Claudia Dee
Paul was fantastic, so patient and helpful! I visited with a full blocked ear, he has now managed to unblock the entire ear as well as getting rid of all the wax in both ears after just two visits! Amazing job and would highly recommend!
Andrew Baker
Paul was extremely kind and patient with my son, and fitted us in at the last minute to help him. I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and my boys thought he was fantastic! Thank you
Val Wright
12.3.24 I visited The Hearing Space for the removal of earwax. Paul was professional, patient and friendly and I felt safe and completely at ease during the process. My hearing is so much better now. I would definitely recommend this practice and would certainly return if I had any other issues with my hearing.
john calvert
Paul removed my ear wax from both ears he made me feel calm, and explained everything would highly recommend him.
Liam Cook
Paul provided an excellent service. I’d been struggling with wax build up in one of my ears and was worried this may have been contributing to hearing loss. Paul instantly put me at ease by performing a few complimentary tests and has provided a follow up report on these. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the local area.