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There are many different providers of hearing aids.  At our audiology practice in Leeds, we provide much more than hearing aids. We know that getting the most out of hearing technology is a complex process. That is why we take the time and effort to enable you to enjoy hearing technology’s best.

Following confirmation of any hearing loss, we offer a range of hearing aid styles from all leading manufacturers. From almost invisible devices in the ear canal to discreet devices that sit just behind the ear.

Our hearing care packages typically last 4 years and will ensure we meet all your hearing needs during this period.

We know hearing loss can affect people differently; for some, accepting the need for help can be difficult. We will work sensitively with you, allowing time for any questions you may have.

Following your in-depth hearing assessment, we will provide the best options to improve your hearing. You can trial the hearing devices in our clinic making any decisions.

Once you have chosen, your hearing devices should be ready to fit within a week.

Our Clinical Director, Paul has extensive experience providing hearing technology to clients. He will help you optimize your hearing, taking care of and paying attention to detail.

If, for some reason, you feel you need to return your devices, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Features of digital hearing aid technology

Bluetooth connectivity

Many hearing devices from independent clinics can connect to smartphones and entertainment systems. This allows high-quality audio streaming from devices like TVs, computers, and hi-fi systems.

You can take phone calls hands-free and stream online work meetings through your hearing devices.

We will assess your hearing test results at our hearing clinic in Leeds. We will also consider your lifestyle needs. Additionally, we will find the best hearing aids for you from our range of providers.



Remote microphone technology


Hearing aids can connect to small microphones, carefully positioned near someone speaking or on a table near multiple speakers.

Think of a lecture-type situation. Using a microphone near the speaker and streaming it to your ears can improve listening and help you hear more.

These are useful additions to your hearing aid package. They are particularly helpful in meetings or learning environments. It is important to hear well in such situations, especially in noisy or distant settings.




Rechargeable hearing devices

Gone are the days of replacing batteries every few days. Most modern hearing devices are now rechargeable. There are travel chargers available as well as standard chargers. These chargers enable you to use them ‘on-the-go’ and ensure that you never go without your hearing devices.

Solutions for you

At ‘The Hearing Space’, our audiologist will help you improve your hearing and support you throughout the process.

We will take time to determine your needs and only make recommendations that we feel will benefit you.

The benefit of choosing a small hearing clinic like ours is that you will always see the same person for your appointments. Research has shown that hearing devices benefit from this improvement.

We will frequently see you. If you encounter any device issues, we can usually assist you within a day or so.

Our clients are more than customers. We get to know each person we work with. We are constantly learning and through these close relationships, we feel you will get the best possible experience.



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What to expect when purchasing a hearing rehabilitation package

All of our hearing care packages include the following:

5 appointments in Year 1 to ensure your optimal success with your hearing technology

Real ear measurements (REMs) of the sound delivered in your ears

Yearly hearing tests

Adjustments to hearing devices when necessary

Speech-in-noise tests to assess the benefit of hearing technology

Hearing aid recharger/batteries if required

Ear wax removal if required

Manufacturer’s warranty

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between hearing aids?

The range of hearing aids available includes manufacturers, styles, and performance level. If we think of cars as an example, there are different manufacturers (e.g. Audi, Mercedes) and different styles (e.g., hatchback, coupe) and also different technology levels or performance levels (e.g., Basic, Sports Edition, Special Edition).

For hearing aids, there are also different manufacturers (e.g., Phonak, Oticon, Widex), different styles (e.g., Behind-the- ear (BTE), In-the-ear (ITE), Completely in the Canal (CIC)) and different performance levels (e.g., Essential, Advanced, Premium).

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids receive sounds, which are converted in to a digital signal. This is then modified or processed, before being converted back to sounds via a small loudspeaker. So basically three components, a microphone (or two), a sound processor (mini-computer) and a tiny loudspeaker.

Will I have to adjust my hearing aids?

If hearing devices are set up well by your audiologist, there should be little need for you to adjust them. However, you will be able to switch listening programs, for example, when listening to music or when in a noisy restaurant. These specifc settings will allow you to makle the most out of your devices in a range of settings.

Will I need two hearing aids?

If you have a hearing loss on both ears, them ideally, two hearing devices should be worn. There are a number of advantages of using two devices which either improve hearing ability or listening experience.

How often will I need to get new hearing aids?

If you get the latest hearing aid technology, this should last you for several years. Typically, people have their devices for 4 or 5 years before upgrading to newer technology.

Will hearing aids affect my tinnitus?

Research has shown that for many people who wear hearing devices regularly, their tinnitus becomes less problematic. Most private hearing aids come with features to use if tinnitus is a problem for you.

Is there a lot of maintenance involved with hearing aids?

Hearing devices do need a little care and attention. This might involve a gentle wipe for cleanlisness or the change of a wax filter if your ears produce problematic wax. Our audiologist will show you exactly what you will to do. Most people become experts at looking after their hearing aids.

Do I need to insure my hearing aids?

The manufacturer’s warranty covers most tehcnical issues that may arise due to faulty products. We advise you to insure your hearing aids in the event of you losing them or accidentally damagint them. For most people, they can be added as named item on their home insurance.

Does it matter who fits my hearing aids?

This is one of the most overlooked issues when it comes to hearing aid fittings. Many hearing aid dispensers do not perfrom real-ear-measurements (REMs) which are recommended to ensure accurate hearing aid fitting. Here at ‘The Hearing Space’ we routinely perform REMs as we follow all best practice guidelines

What our clients say

David Shinn
I attended The Hearing Space after suffering for a month with a blocked ear. The treatment I received was highly professional and caring. My case was a challenge due to me having narrow ear canals but Paul was very patient and gentle and he removed all the wax and gave thorough and appropriate after care advice. I can thoroughly recommend this practitioner to anyone requiring audiology services. Thank you. David Shinn. (One additional point - I had no problem finding an on-street parking spot close to the clinic)
Marius Atkinson
derawaan r
Brandon Jones
We had a great experience having our 4 year old’s ears checked. Honestly, one of the top medical experiences we’ve had anywhere. Paul Shaw was very knowledgable and worked to evaluate and investigate multiple symptoms that seemed to be connected. He worked well with our child and was a very involved listener when it came to the symptoms she was experiencing.
Deborah Vickerman
Excellent service. Paul is an experienced professional with a friendly and warm manner. I would happily recommended him for anyone looking to have their hearing tested or wax removed.
Claudia Dee
Paul was fantastic, so patient and helpful! I visited with a full blocked ear, he has now managed to unblock the entire ear as well as getting rid of all the wax in both ears after just two visits! Amazing job and would highly recommend!
Andrew Baker
Paul was extremely kind and patient with my son, and fitted us in at the last minute to help him. I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and my boys thought he was fantastic! Thank you
Val Wright
12.3.24 I visited The Hearing Space for the removal of earwax. Paul was professional, patient and friendly and I felt safe and completely at ease during the process. My hearing is so much better now. I would definitely recommend this practice and would certainly return if I had any other issues with my hearing.
john calvert
Paul removed my ear wax from both ears he made me feel calm, and explained everything would highly recommend him.
Liam Cook
Paul provided an excellent service. I’d been struggling with wax build up in one of my ears and was worried this may have been contributing to hearing loss. Paul instantly put me at ease by performing a few complimentary tests and has provided a follow up report on these. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the local area.