Children’s Hearing Tests

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Children’s Hearing Tests

Thankfully, most permanent hearing loss that is present when babies are born, is detected with the newborn hearing screening programme. These children’s hearing tests are crucial in determining if hearing loss is present at birth.

There is, however, a high proportion of children who develop intermittent, often fluctuating hearing loss, known as ‘glue ear’. This can usually be detected with a children’s hearing test.

What is glue ear?

Glue ear is essentially when the small middle ear space (usually filled with air), which contains the three tiny middle ear bones, gets filled with a sticky, mucus-type fluid. Find out more

This restricts the movement of the eardrum and the middle ear bones and effectively reduces the amount of sound which is transmitted to the cochlea in the inner ear.

This can give rise to a hearing loss of between 0 and 40 dB (decibels) which can have a huge impact on a child’s ability to hear.

Signs of ‘glue ear’

  • They do not respond to their name
  • Their behaviour deteriorates
  • They say ‘what’ or ‘pardon’ more frequently
  • They appear more tired and unsettled than usual
  • Their speech becomes unclear
  • They often appear that they are not listening
  • They struggle to hear the TV or turn it up/sit close
  • Their teacher notices they are struggling with following instructions
  • They don’t hear well at a distance

Treatment for glue ear

Once a child’s hearing test has identified a glued ear, several things must be considered.

Glue ear is common and is not something to be unduly concerned about if it is short-lived.

If, however, it persists for more than three months, it can become problematic. If it continues, there are several strategies which can help.

How we can help

Our private paediatric audiologist has years of experience working with children with glue ear.

Often working with Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) colleagues or simply monitoring hearing levels and providing support with hearing devices when required, you will be given the most appropriate advice for your child.

At THE HEARING SPACE, our specialist paediatric audiologist can assess your child’s hearing, determining if ‘glue ear’ is present and, if so, what impact it has on your child’s hearing.

With many years of experience working with children with additional needs and neurodivergent populations, you can be assured of age and developmentally appropriate assessment.

As well as using play audiometry and pure tone audiometry, we can also test cochlear function using a technique similar to that used when babies are born. This test is called an Oto-acoustic emission (OAE) test and does not require any cooperation from an infant.

If you would like the space to discuss your child’s hearing, our paediatric audiologist has a wealth of experience to support you.

Please get in touch with us for further information about arranging a children’s hearing test.


What our clients say

“We have visited Paul at The Hearing Space today with our 3 year old who has a speech delay.

We have never seen our son so comfortable and confident at a medical appointment before and this is down to Paul taking time to make him feel at ease, getting down to his level to communicate with him and having patience.

Although no hearing issues were found, Paul was happy to give us further advice on where to turn next. We would 100% recommend to anyone!”

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What our clients say

Claudia Dee
Paul was fantastic, so patient and helpful! I visited with a full blocked ear, he has now managed to unblock the entire ear as well as getting rid of all the wax in both ears after just two visits! Amazing job and would highly recommend!
Andrew Baker
Paul was extremely kind and patient with my son, and fitted us in at the last minute to help him. I was very impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and my boys thought he was fantastic! Thank you
Val Wright
12.3.24 I visited The Hearing Space for the removal of earwax. Paul was professional, patient and friendly and I felt safe and completely at ease during the process. My hearing is so much better now. I would definitely recommend this practice and would certainly return if I had any other issues with my hearing.
john calvert
Paul removed my ear wax from both ears he made me feel calm, and explained everything would highly recommend him.
Liam Cook
Paul provided an excellent service. I’d been struggling with wax build up in one of my ears and was worried this may have been contributing to hearing loss. Paul instantly put me at ease by performing a few complimentary tests and has provided a follow up report on these. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the local area.
Andrew Whitehead
The Hearing Space service is in a different league to "High Street" ear services. Paul has great experience, a very friendly and professional manner, and I left my appointment very happy with the care and advice I received.
andy wood
I visited Paul as I was having some hearing loss. He patiently and thoroughly assessed my hearing and provided a very effective remedy. I got seen quickly. The consulting space is great. Location is super convenient. This is one of those services you hope you don’t have to use again but if I do I’ll be straight back without hesitation. Thank you and good luck Hearing Space.
Heather D
Excellent service, highly recommend. A very comfortable, friendly, professional environment. Paul was excellent with our 4 year old daughter
Christine Haynes
I visited Paul at The Hearing Space as I had a very muffled left ear. After he removed my earwax using irrigation, my hearing was fully restored and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Paul has excellent customer service skills and put me at ease ahead of the procedure. Paul clearly takes great pride in his work and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Carl York
I tried the Hearing Space as my usual audiologist couldn't fit me in. My ears frequently get blocked. Paul was very professional and examined my issue. He then applied micro suction and successfully removed the wax blocking my sound. Happy to recommend