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Why hearing tests are so important

Good hearing is so important to maintain our quality of life. It helps us maintain friendships, join in social activities, and enjoy the vast array of sounds that enrich our lives.

Many people don’t prioritize hearing because it’s hard to notice any gradual hearing problem many experience.

On average, people wait 7 years from noticing a hearing problem to getting a hearing assessment. We know that left untreated, hearing loss can increase the risk of cognitive decline (for example, dementia). That is why we recommend a hearing screening test as a minimum when we reach 55 years of age.

This helps you see how your hearing compares to others your age. It tells you how often to get your hearing tested.

We have a range of hearing tests to suit your needs.


Choose which hearing test is right for you

1     Hearing health evaluation

Our most comprehensive hearing evaluation. This assessment checks your ears and hearing ability and recommends hearing aid technology, including demonstrations. As well as testing your ability to hear individual tones, we also test how well you hear speech in background noise. This helps us understand the impact your hearing has on your daily life.

If you know that your hearing is causing you problems, this is the test for you. Or you may already use hearing aid technology and wish to upgrade to newer devices. We provide a full detailed report with recommendations included.


£115 (1.5 – 2 hours)

Free when you purchase one of our hearing aid packages


What to expect

Hearing and lifestyle history

Ear examination

Middle ear tests

Pure tone audiometry

Speech in noise testing

Hearing aid technology recommendations

Hearing report

2    Hearing health test

Our intermediate level of hearing assessment. We focus on accurately assessing your hearing level and looking for outer or middle ear problems. We will discuss our findings with you and forward an electronic copy of your test results.

This test helps monitor your hearing and establish a baseline for future testing. Useful if you know you have a hearing loss but aren’t using hearing devices.


£75 (45 mins)

Can be upgraded to full hearing evaluation (see above) if necessary


What to expect


Ear examination

Middle ear tests

Pure tone audiometry

Hearing report

3    Hearing health check

If you are unsure if you need a full hearing test, then this hearing health check is our basic level of test. We will examine your ears for any medical issues. Additionally, we will conduct a hearing test at specific frequencies. This will help us determine if further tests are necessary.

It is useful if you have never had a hearing assessment but are curious to know if your hearing is likely to be impacting your ability to hear people and, for example, the television.

£25 (20mins) free if over 65

Can be upgraded to any of the above more advanced assessments.


What to expect

Ear examination

Hearing screening test

Hearing advice

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What our clients say

Heather Daisy
Excellent service, highly recommend. A very comfortable, friendly, professional environment. Paul was excellent with our 4 year old daughter
Christine Haynes
I visited Paul at The Hearing Space as I had a very muffled left ear. After he removed my earwax using irrigation, my hearing was fully restored and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Paul has excellent customer service skills and put me at ease ahead of the procedure. Paul clearly takes great pride in his work and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Carl York
I tried the Hearing Space as my usual audiologist couldn't fit me in. My ears frequently get blocked. Paul was very professional and examined my issue. He then applied micro suction and successfully removed the wax blocking my sound. Happy to recommend
Connor Swingler
I called, as I saw the business was local too me at the time and Paul was able to fit me right in that morning When I arrived, he was able to check my ears and even show me the camera footage of what he said was the problem and not what I had previously thought it was. He even sent me the footage by email with a description of what was observed and gave me something that should resolve the issue. I can't thank him enough, and reasonably priced too. If I'm back in the area I will definitely use again, thanks
Isla DB
Paul was amazingly helpful in explaining the process, and helped me sort out my ear that had been troubling me for some time. Highly recommended.
H. X
Brilliant service, went in there struggling with hearing to an extent on not hearing from my ear at all, left there feeling satisfied with the work that was carried out, would definitely recommend to any future clients! 10/10 service 10/10 satisfaction rating!!
Reece Biller
Great experience today at Hearing Space. Went to see Paul as I was struggling to hear and had very blocked ears. He was really informative and knowledgeable and made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. I ended up having the Micro-suction procedure which went really well and I can know hear better than I have done in years! I want to really thank Paul for making me feel really comfortable and at ease, could not recommend Paul more!
Tricia Kabaaga
Recently visited for a consultation, excellent experience, Paul was very professional and informative. He gave very good advice for me going forward. Will be back 👍
Sta*Nation Charlie Stoker
Very knowledgeable. Helped with the removal of my sons ear wax and gave hearing test too. Highly recommended.
Lee Thomas

Frequently asked questions

What is involved in a hearing assessment?

At our audiology clinic in Leeds, we carry out a range of tests to assess hearing function. The standard test requires a person to wear headphones or small insert tubes in the ears. They then listen to a range of different sounds across a range of frequencies and the quietest level they hear at each frequency is their hearing threshold.

This is called pure tone audiometry.

Are hearing assessments accurate?

At our Leeds audiology clinic, all assessments are carried out to national standards and using recommended protocols. Accurate evaluation requires a few things.

First, the equipment has to be calibrated to ensure accurate sound levels are produced. Second, the audiologist has to be experienced and follow best practice guidelines.

Third, the person having the test has to respond correctly. Sometimes this is difficult for a range of reasons, and it is the skill of the audiologist to determine if accurate responses are being given.

Can a hearing assessments be carried out on anyone?

If a person can follow simple instructions, then a hearing assessment is possible. So, for most adults, carrying out a test is straightforward. Sometimes if a person has tinnitus, this interferes with the test, however, there are ways to deal with this.

For children, there a different techniques which can be used, often called play audiometry when listening games are used to interest the child.

So for most people, testing hearing is possible.

What would prevent a hearing test from being carried out?

There are several reasons why an accurate hearing test cannot be carried out. Some of them are shown below.

The person has an ear infection which is making the ear discharge, or their ear is sore.

The person has been in a very loud environment in the last 24 hours.

The person is on medication which is making them drowsy.

The audiologist will always ask relevant questions to ensure the hearing test should be carried out.

What other tests of hearing are available?

Pure tone audiometry is the standard hearing evaluation carried out when a person listens to single pure tones in a quiet environment.

There are several advantages of carrying out more advanced listening tests. Speech-in-noise tests are carried out in our Leeds audiology clinic. These tests assess how difficult it may be for a person to hear speech sounds in the presence of background noise.

These are useful because different people have different abilities to hear speech sounds even if their pure tone audiograms are the same. For anyone considering hearing aid technology, these tests are routinely carried out at The Hearing Space.

What is a hearing screening test?

A hearing screening test is a shortened version of the full pure-tone audiometry hearing test.  Instead of testing all the frequencies of sound that are included in a full pure-tone audiogram, the screening hearing test focuses on the most important frequencies that we need to hear for speech understanding. If these are found to be not heard well, then a more complete hearing test is usually recommended.

When should I get my hearing tested?

If you or your family or friends suspect you have a hearing problem, then you should get tested as soon as possible. Hearing deteriorates as we get older and for some people, this change happens more quickly.

If you have never had an audiology test, then getting one around age 50 will give you a good understanding of your hearing level for future reference.

Most people who experience hearing loss wait at least 7 years to get help. With new research now showing links between untreated hearing loss and a higher risk of dementia, at our audiology clinic we recommend a hearing test at regular intervals.

Can I get a free hearing assessment?

Many hearing aid chains offer free hearing tests. Yes, they are free at the time of testing, however, they are usually a marketing tactic to get people to visit their store. In reality, the time necessary to perform an accurate hearing test and to determine the needs of a person costs money.

At The Hearing Space, we want to be open about costs and thus we charge for hearing tests. If you are over 65 however, we do offer a free hearing screening test. Also, if you do pay for a full test, this is refunded if you go on to purchase one of our hearing aid packages.

Can I test my hearing at home?

Yes and no. Our online hearing test can be carried out at home and will give you an indication if further testing is recommended.

We would always recommend a full hearing test if you have noticed problems with your hearing.

At our Leeds audiology practice, we offer full diagnostic hearing test, all performed to national standards.