The importance of good hearing

Not hearing well doesn’t just leave us feeling tired or isolated. It can negatively impact our mental health, our self-esteem, and perhaps more importantly can also increase the risk of detrimental brain changes. Recent research is beginning to reveal the links between untreated hearing loss and the risk of dementia. Read more

Hearing tests should be a routine part of our healthcare assessments.

Importance of hearing tests

Typically, hearing loss is gradual and on average, people wait 7 years from first noticing they are having problems hearing to actually doing something about it. Common complaints are:

  • People mumbling
  • Not hearing the TV
  • Difficulty hearing in restaurants/bars
  • Feeling tired at the end of the day

To read more about how we hear and hearing loss, read our blogs. How we hear and Describing hearing loss

Our free 5-minute online screener

If you are worried that your hearing may have deteriorated, you may want to start by taking our free hearing test.

It only takes a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is a pair of headphones and a working internet connection.

Private hearing tests

If our free hearing test has confirmed that you may have some difficulty hearing, you should book a private hearing test at our Leeds audiology clinic.

It may be that you are simply experiencing blocked ears due to ear wax. This often results in hearing loss and ringing in the ears or tinnitus. Fortunately, this type of problem can usually be dealt with in one or two visits to our hearing centre.  Ear wax removal in Leeds

Your hearing test

We will intially have an in-depth discussion about your hearing, your lifestyle and other relevant information.

We will carefully examine your ears to check for ear wax or any other medical condition.

We will then carry out a series of detailed hearing tests. At The Hearing Space, we perform a range of tests including pure tone audiometry (assessing your ability to hear single tones in quiet) and tympanometry (assessing the mechanical function of your middle ears).

We may also test your ability to hear speech in the presence of background noise which is a more representative of real life listening.

They key components to our assessments are time and expertise.

Home hearing tests

At The Hearing Space we also offer hearing tests at home. Physical or mental health problems can be a barrier to audiological care and we are committed to providing care to everyone in need.

Children’s hearing tests

We are also fairly unique in that we offer hearing tests for children at our Leeds audiology clinic.

Our Clinical Director has a wealth of experience working with children, with extensive knowledge of glue ear, decrease sound tolerance and other unusual hearing conditions . Children’s Hearing Test

Whether you are a busy professional with listening demands at work or a young adult in education, we’d be happy to discuss your unique hearing requirements over the phone or at our Leeds audiology clinic.

Based in Chappel Allerton (LS7), The Hearing Space is ideally situated to serve Leeds City Centre and surrounding districts in West Yorkshire. Free parking is available at the clinic.

If you would like to get in touch, contact us to book your hearing test.

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