Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids are all about regaining hearing freedom. Their aim is to create different types of hearing devices that utilize new technology and meet your specific needs, which will simplify life and provide you with an exceptional hearing experience.

Well-Hearing is Well-Being

Hearing health is about so much more than your ears—it can affect your social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Growing evidence shows that not only are these three dimensions connected, but that hearing rehabilitation can provide benefits to your overall well-being.¹ Which is why prioritising your hearing health and treatment can impact your quality of life and connection with the world. Phonak can help you thrive with hearing loss—whether it’s for you, a loved one, student, or coworker.

Why hearing health matters

Many people underestimate the impact of hearing loss, thinking of it as just a sensory problem. In reality, hearing loss can have a fundamental impact on communicating with others and connecting to them, which is why hearing is vital to overall health and it’s crucial to take action to protect your well-being.

Life with hearing loss

When you’ve lived with hearing loss for a while, you might be surprised with all the new experiences you’ll have when first wearing hearing aids. But with some helpful techniques, you can make the most of your experience.

Success at work and school

It’s important to learn how to advocate for yourself so you can thrive in work or school environments. Self-advocacy requires knowledge of your hearing health and may require new communication skills, which Phonak can help you learn. Click on ‘Phonak‘.


Phonak Roger On™

  • Microphone
  • Left and right speech identification
  • Speech in noise

Roger On™ is a unique microphone for everyday use in noise and over distance. It recognizes if speech is coming from the left or right side of the wearer and provides spatial information to combine visual and audio cues.* It also helps support conversations by automatically selecting the person who is talking.

  • Designed for all conversations in background noise and over distance
  • Can be used like a headset when connected to a computer via the USB cable for online calls**
  • Automatically adapts to the listening situation and switches its modes depending if it is being used on a table, clipped on clothing, or held in your hand
  • Roger On is protected against splashes of water and suitable for outdoor use.
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Rger On device