Widex Hearing Aids

WIdex Hearing Aids. The new Widex SmartRIC

Where modern design meets function

Designed with a slim profile and soft rounded edges, SmartRIC is the shortest in its class.

The design, inspired by the elegant curves of glasses’ temple tips, is both contemporary and stylish. Choose from a selection of colors that resonate with your modern aesthetics.

Overall, it is a seamless fusion of user-friendliness, aesthetics, and functionality.


Hears what you want to hear

It is built in a special L-shape and sits higher on your ear, helping you hear conversations even when it is noisy around you.


Lasts all day and then some

The hearing aid battery lasts up to 37 hours. It also comes with a portable charger with enough power for over a week of on-the-go charging.

See ‘Widex’ website for further information.



Charged when you need them


Elevate your day with a quick charge, portable convenience, and transparent status updates—all designed to keep you connected to a world of natural sound.

  • Lasts all day, and then some — With a 4-hour charge, you are equipped for up to 37 hours of natural hearing. Need a quick boost? A half hour in the charger will give you up to 8 hours of sound.
  • Over a week of cordless power — With five charges, the portable charger has enough power to let you hear for a week without plugging in.
  • Your on-the-go companion — Compact yet powerful, it fits easily into your bag or pocket.
  • Know before you go — The LED light indicators give you an immediate, clear understanding of your charging status, so you are never caught off guard.



TV Play with new design

Enjoy stable, high-quality sound streamed directly from your TV to your hearing aids in style.

The upgraded Widex TV Play features the same elegant design accents as the rest of the Moment range, and the cooperation with Danish textile brand Kvadrat gives TV Play an unprecedented touch of tactility to an already award-winning design. Kvadrat fabrics have been used in countless pieces of classic Danish design and have sustainable principles at their core.