4 Hearing Accessories for Children

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Hearing aids improve the quality of life for children with hearing loss and the right accessories aren’t just functional; they can actually help reduce the stigma associated with hearing loss. They’re great for children who love the chance to show some personality.

These small pieces of technology are packed with high-tech features that enhance the user’s experience. Hearing aids offer a range of capabilities like pairing with your phone and other devices for a better sensory experience. So here are some of the latest hearing accessories that your children will love.
4 Hearing Accessories For Your Children

Carrying Pouch for Hearing Aids
A carrying pouch for hearing aids is a must-have for children with hearing loss. They are a great way to keep their hearing aids safe, clean, and dry. Carry pouches for hearing aids come in various sizes and colours, so you can find a colour your children will love. Or better yet, let them pick!

Ear Wax Guards for Hearing Aids
It’s normal for ear wax to get onto hearing aids, especially if they are the in-the-canal models. But allowing a build-up of wax on hearing aids can lead to reduced efficiency. Children tend to forget to keep their hearing aids clean, so snagging one of these accessories can make a big impact on long-term care.
Ear wax guards typically last 3 months, so they only need to be replaced about 4 times a year, increasing the overall lifespan of the hearing aids.

Vacuum Cleaner for Hearing Aids
Another handy accessory associated with keeping hearing aids clean is the vacuum cleaner designed for hearing aids. This tool is especially helpful for removing ear wax that’s caught in the nooks and crannies of the hearing device. Additionally, having this little accessory on hand will allow your child to take care of their hearing aid with little to no help on your part.

Hearing Aid Dry Box
Moisture build-up in hearing aids can be caused by sweating or when your kid is taking a shower or a bath. To avoid a build-up of bacteria caused by moisture which can trigger infections in your child’s ear, buy a hearing aids dry box. A dry box acts as a dehumidifier for hearing aids, pulling out any moisture trapped in them. Invest in one of these gadgets for the longevity of child’s hearing aids and their health, too.

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