Be Open About Your Hearing Loss and Challenges

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Hearing loss is frequently misdiagnosed, mistreated, and under-reported. There could be various reasons for this, including miscommunication, failure of connection between the Audiologist and patient, difference in objectives and goals, etc. To develop a better relationship with your Audiologist, here are a few steps you can take:

Be Open About Your Hearing Loss and Challenges
The more detail you provide about your hearing loss, the more information your Audiologist will have to plan viable solutions. Being honest in your challenges will make it easier for your Audiologist to fine-tune the treatment that best fits your needs. If feasible, include details such as the area or time of day when your hearing is at its worst, your decibel rating, people you talk with, etc.

Remain Calm and Listen
Your hearing is yours, and we understand that it can be emotional to face hearing loss or impairment challenges. To overcome hearing and communication problems, you must approach treatment with a critical mind.
Remain calm and listen to your Audiologist as they lay out your treatment plan. As trained professionals, they’ll consider your assessment and various other criteria when recommending a treatment plan. Pay attention to what your audiologist recommends regarding hearing treatments, equipment, therapies, or protection. When you select your Audiologist of Hearing Care Professional, make sure you know, like and trust them. Paul, here at The Hearing Space has fabulous 5-star patient reviews and has an incredible amount of experience.

Ask Questions
Inquire of any questions or concerns about your hearing treatment, device, therapies, etc. Even if your question appears irrelevant or the Audiologist appears to be short on time, don’t hesitate to ask. Your Audiologist-patient connection will grow when both parties listen to each other with respect and openness, including answering any questions you may have.

Respect Each Other and Work Together
While you are the expert on your hearing problems and goals, Audiologists have the training, expertise, tools, and programs available to help you. Respecting them is appropriate, but they also need to respect you as the patient.

As you seek treatment with your Audiologist, share new methods or valuable apps that make hearing easier. You can update your Audiologist as you learn more about your treatment and hearing prognosis. The relationship with your Audiologist should be conducive to working together to make hearing easier.

An Audiologist-patient connection can be challenging since both parties may have conflicting goals and methods but building a positive working relationship will only help your treatment plan in the long run. Try some of the tips above to foster a positive working relationship with your Audiologist; your hearing will thank you! We would love you to choose Paul and the team, get in touch to book your hearing test or ear wax removal, today. Contact

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