Who carries out earwax removal and where is earwax removal done?

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Who carries out earwax removal?

The ‘who’ part of this question has been touched on in a previous blog “What is the cost of earwax removal’. To summarise again. Ear, Nose, and Throat consultants have the most specialist knowledge of ear related medical issues and thus typically charge around £200 for a consultation and a further £150 or more for earwax removal, typically around £350 or more in total. They have the benefit of being able to recognise anything unusual in the ears apart from earwax such as ear infections, cysts, eardrum problems, etc. Clinical Scientists in Audiology will have worked in the NHS as specialist audiologists, often working alongside ENT staff in busy hospital departments. They will have completed an MSc in audiology and spent a number of years training in the NHS. They will often be able to perform tests of how well the middle ear is working, for example, which can prove really useful if no earwax is found. They can also explore a person’s hearing ability, again useful if no earwax is found or if removal of the earwax does not improve someone’s hearing. Typically, Clinical Scientists will charge around £70 – £140 for earwax removal. They may however perform extra tests which are included in the fee, which can prove really useful. ENT nurses and other nurses trained in  ear wax removal also have some medical knowledge of ear problems, however, they are not trained to perform tests of middle ear function or carry out hearing assessments.  Hearing aid dispensers typically complete a two-year training course in audiology which allows them to assess hearing and provide hearing aids. Typically, they complete an earwax removal course to enable them to provide wax removal services. Other individuals, sometimes with no prior training and experience with ears or hearing, also provide earwax removal services. Whilst many can remove earwax safely, they won’t have the expertise to explore other causes of hearing loss and tinnitus which are often seen alongside earwax, especially as we get older.

Where to get earwax removed?

Ideally, earwax removal is performed in a clinical practice setting. This allows for the use of special chairs for correct posture and support, alongside the use of all the test facilities the clinic has to offer. Sometimes extra tests are required if earwax is not found, for example, a hearing test may be required. Carrying out these tests in the controlled environment of a clinic room makes for accurate results. The Hearing Space clinic For some, getting to a clinic setting is not possible. This may be due to mobility issues, lack of transport, or other physical and mental health issues. At The Hearing Space, we regularly visit clients in their homes. We are able to offer timely appointments and can also provide full hearing assessments at home. We carefully assess any background noise levels that may affect results and we use special earphones which reduce background noise, to ensure all hearing tests are accurate. In fact, our Clinical Director, Paul, has many years of experience ensuring equipment is fit for purpose, in his previous NHS and clinical research roles.

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