Does Your Hearing Need a Spring Clean?

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Earwax is essential for keeping our inner ear safe from bacteria and dirt. Old earwax will usually dislodge itself as the jaw moves. Nonetheless, there are chances that earwax buildup will be discomforting and dangerous. You may not be able to clean impacted or earwax buildup at home; doing so improperly can damage your eardrum.

The following are signs your hearing may need a spring clean from an Audiologist like Paul, here at The Hearing Space.

Muffled Hearing

As earwax builds up, you may notice deterioration in your hearing ability. If the impaction becomes severe, it may begin to feel like your ears are blocked. This is a sign that sound waves are no longer getting to your inner ear with the same efficiency. You may constantly need people around you to speak louder or have the TV volume cranked up. You may also experience a ringing sound.

Blocked Ears

Though some people produce more wax than others, extended use of hearing aids or earphones may promote overproduction of wax. Patients with blocked ears feel fullness or clogging inside the ear canal. If attempts to shift the wax by moving the jaw do not improve the situation, it may be time to have your ear checked to prevent infections.

Loss of Balance

Our bodies rely on the inner ear’s balance mechanisms to keep us upright. It is natural for balancing problems to occur as we advance in age. Nevertheless, balancing issues may be brought about by an inner ear blockage. You would then experience dizziness or other forms of balance distortion.

Foul Smell

Medical conditions may result in foul-smelling earwax. Infections in the middle ear from the body’s exposure to a virus or bacteria may result in inflammation. This could, in some cases, lead to drainage from the ear that produces a foul smell.

Possible Causes of a Foul Smell

  • Cholesteatoma is a cyst that grows behind the eardrum. When they develop, the cyst produces drainage that contributes to smelly earwax.
  • Foreign objects may get stuck in the ear canal. Food, insects, or other objects may find their way into the ear leading to excessive earwax production and bad smells.

Your Health

Keeping your ears healthy is essential to self-care, so make sure you consistently include it in your routine. There are natural self-cleaning mechanisms to reduce earwax build up. However, when earwax build up begins to affect your daily life, it may be time to consider a professional cleaning from an Audiologist.

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