Oticon Intent Hearing Device

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The New Oticon Intent Hearing Device

I have a long history with Oticon hearing devices, having first used them over 20 years ago when I was working as a Paediatric Audiologist. The new range of devices, Oticon Intent, looks to build on its many years of product development and design. Whilst technology is really important when it comes to hearing better, here at ‘The Hearing Space’, we recognise that only through time and expertise can clients expect to get the maximum benefit from their devices.


Based on customer feedback, the most sought-after features in a hearing aid are improved hearing in noise and enhanced speech clarity. Oticon’s latest innovation, the Oticon Intent, aligns perfectly with these needs. Leveraging advanced sensors, this innovative device goes beyond traditional amplification, offering a personalized listening experience like never before.

One of the standout features of Oticon Intent is its ability to discern and analyse various listening environments in real time. By continuously monitoring the wearer’s surroundings, including noise levels and speech patterns, the device intelligently adjusts its settings to optimize sound quality and clarity.

Like most hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon Intent incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that continuously learn and adapt to user preferences and habits. This adaptive technology ensures that the hearing aid evolves alongside the wearer, providing consistently exceptional performance tailored to their needs.

Oticon has a brand-new chip called Sirius, with three key features that help it better understand speech clarity in background noise.

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Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

So, firstly, with the improvement of their deep neural network, Oticon uses artificial intelligence to train their hearing aids to recognise the environment around you and then decide on what you’re most likely to want to be able to hear, giving you better access to speech sounds, whatever listening environment you’re in.

Oticon intent hearing aid worn behind the ear


Hearing In Background Noise

Oticon’s noise reduction features are designed to help you follow and engage in conversations in more complicated listening situations, such as groups, crowds, or noisy listening environments, such as restaurants. Your hearing aids will constantly scan your environment and then organise and deliver the most appropriate sound, highlighting the sounds that interest you and reducing the sounds you’re less likely to want to hear.

Sensor Technology

Oticon has added motion sensors that monitor conversational activity, head and body movement, and the environment around you. These hearing aids are the first in the world to recognise when your needs change and adapt the settings accordingly, improving speech comprehension by 15% when this feature is enabled.

So, imagine being in a restaurant, which is exactly where Oticon states that this 4D sensor technology would shine. Their previous technology would have reacted the same for all three scenarios.

  • A waiter walking around would need to hear sounds coming from all directions as they were taking care of different tables and conversing with multiple people.
  • If somebody greeting customers entering the restaurant, their hearing aids would need to work differently again.
  • A group sat around a table; the hearing aid would need to react differently again.

The hearing aid monitors their conversations, head and body movement, and environmental noise. Three scenarios, with each person surrounded by the same background noise, but all with different needs.

New Oticon Intent hearing device


This new design is a little shorter than their previous hearing aid technology, which is ideal if discretion is important to you. It is also Oticon’s smallest ever Bluetooth receiver in canal hearing aid. It is, however, slightly bulkier, which may affect some users who wear glasses

There are nine colours, including a new sky blue. These matted colours may appeal to some users.

Oticon also removed the rocker switch on previous models and replaced it with a single button on the back of the hearing aid.


Oticon Intent is equipped with seamless connectivity features, allowing users to stream audio directly from their smartphones, TVs, and other compatible devices to their hearing aids. This connectivity integration enhances the listening experience, enabling users to stay connected and engaged with the world.

From experience, I think the new Oticon Intent will likely prove a big hit with clients. Oticon’s App works well to allow streaming, taking calls, and adjustments and the usability of Oticon’s products continue to shine through.

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