What are the different ways to remove earwax safely?

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Methods of wax removal

If your ears are blocked with earwax and you want safe, effective treatment, you must seek the advice of a trained health professional who is trained in wax removal. Previous blogs have covered who can safely treat blocked ears and what can go wrong with DIY methods of wax removal.


Microsuction at ‘The Hearing Space’ in Leeds (ear wax removal) is a gentle and effective method for removing wax. It uses a thin metal tube to gently suction the wax out of the ear canal. This is typically carried out with a microscope to allow the practitioner to see the ear clearly which results in a safe and effective procedure. Sometimes, additional instruments are required to gently dislodge any difficult to remove wax. Also, for some people, a second visit may be required to allow for some wax softening products between visits. Wax removal using microsuction is usually painless and at The Hearing Space’ we allow a minimum of 45 mins for each appointment.

Water based methods

Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with ear irrigation, they are actually two different procedures. Ear syringing is a fairly old technique involving a syringe full of water, squirted into the ears. Ear irrigation involves the use of a machine with calibrated pressure to flush earwax out of the ear canal. Due to the higher risk of ear infection, perforations, and general complications associated with ear syringing, we recommend that ear wax removal be performed only through ear irrigation or microsuction.

Which is the best method?

In most cases, where there is visible solid earwax that is blocking the ear, then microsuction will be able to suction the wax out of the ear. Sometimes, especially if the wax is very soft and often touching the eardrum, the safest way to clear the wax is by using irrigation. Using water will typically flush out the wax which is too close to the eardrum to perform microsuction.

Will I need more than one visit?

This very much depends on what the audiologist or ear professional finds. In the majority of cases, one visit is sufficient. However, if there is a big build up of wax, which may be impossible to remove due to some mild discomfort, then a second visit will be offered, usually with the advice of using olive oil in-between visits.

Image of the ear

How will I know if my ears are clean?

All consultations include video examination of the ears which allows you as a client to see inside your ears. Some people find this fascinating; others don’t wish to look. You decide if you would like to see inside your ears. If we find anything unusual to report, we will take photos and forward them to your GP, with your consent of course.

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