Who can remove earwax from a child’s ear and how?

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Do children have problems with earwax?

If you have read our other blogs, you will know that for most people, earwax is not a problem. However, for some children, due to the small size of their ear canals, earwax can definitely become a problem. 

How would I know if my child has problematic earwax?

You probably wouldn’t be aware, is the honest answer. You may notice that your child is not hearing as well as usual. See our blog, “Is my child hearing me,” for hints. You may also notice that your child is saying their ear feels blocked. Often, earwax problems can occur at the same time as episodes of “glue ear.” A wax build-up can lead to a significant conductive hearing loss in children, a bit like if you plug your ears with your fingers.

Who is qualified to work with children?

If you have any doubt about your child’s hearing, our Clinical Director, Paul, has extensive experience working as a children’s audiologist in the NHS. This involved regular impression taking in children and babies, which required carefully inserting small foam ‘stops’ in the ears before using a syringe to inject a soft putty-like material into the ears. This careful procedure is used to produce ear moulds for babies and children who will wear hearing aids.

How should I prepare my child for earwax removal?

Every child is different as most parents know. If you think it might help to explain to your child why they are seeing an audiologist, then please do this. For others, leaving it until the audiologist actually looks in the ears can be the right approach. With all our procedures with children, we try to make the episode as calm and child friendly as possible. As a parent of two young girls, I know how challenging visits to health professionals can be for children and their parents. Rest assured; you will be in safe hands.

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